Support Staff Team Leader Development Programme

Based on our successful middle leader programmes, this 5 face-to-face session course has been designed specifically with support staff in mind.  The aim is to build on skills, confidence and capacity to enable colleagues become effective team leaders.  

Event Date 03-03-2020 9:00 am
Registration Start Date 12-12-2019
Available places 30
Cut off date 14-02-2020
Individual Price £400.00
£400.00 30

The event provider is no longer accepting registrations for this event, the event is either full or the registration cut-off date has passed. If you have an enquiry please contact the provider using the 'Contact Provider' menu above.

NQT Programme 2020-2021

Now in its seventh successful year, Wimborne, Linwood and Ambitions teaching schools are in collaboration to deliver an NQT programme for 2020/21.  The course is carefully tailored to provide supportive, specialised and developmental training led by a range of experienced trainers, SLEs, LLEs and NLEs.  There are many bespoke elements of the course, such as career development workshops, which allow individual NQTs to make decisions about the training they receive.  The Programme also includes support for NQTs and Mentors.

Wimborne Teaching School is an initiative led by two outstanding schools in Wimborne: Allenbourn Middle School and St John's CE First School.

If you are interested in our provision and would like further information, please contact Rachel Farrow, Teaching School Administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event Date 03-09-2020
Individual Price £550.00
Diploma in Trauma & Mental Health-Informed Schools

To train school staff and community staff to be mental health literate and trauma informed practitioners. Delivered by Clare Williams.
*The neuroscience and psychology of child and adolescent mental and ill-health
*What do trauma and mental health-informed schools & communities do?
* Bodies, minds, behaviour and learning
* The healing power of talking about feelings & making sense of painful life experiences 

* To learn practical skills to empower school staff to help vulnerable children and those who have suffered a trauma or have a mental health issue. 
* To provide practitioners with key insights and skills as well as vital support and encouragement
* Use online tools for assessing, improving, and measuring change in emotional health and well being 

Event Date 14-09-2020 9:00 am
Registration Start Date 08-06-2020 12:00 pm
Available places 25
Cut off date 14-09-2020 11:00 am
Individual Price £1,355.00
Attachment Flyer Sept 2020.pdf
£1,355.00 25
NQT Programme 2020-21

A programme to support NQT's and Mentors in Primary and Secondary schools with the aid of handbooks, observations, 4 conferences and visits to others school. This is an invaluable opportunity for NQT's to share experiences and gain confidence in all aspects of teaching.

Event Date 17-09-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 01-06-2020 9:00 am
Available places 60
Cut off date 30-09-2020 4:00 pm
Individual Price £550.00
£550.00 60
Peic D Workshop


The PEIC-D approach revisits early interaction skills such as imitation, turn-taking and interaction. These skills are often poorly developed in children with severe and/or complex learning difficulties, including autistic spectrum disorders.By working through a series of steps, using game formats, the child learns to watch others' play, join in, and then take part in turn taking sequences. Later stages include learning to initiate games, and negotiating the rules
Event Date 23-09-2020 9:00 am
Registration Start Date 03-03-2020
Cut off date 16-09-2020
Individual Price £110.00
Attention Autism

This 2 day course equips attendees with the skills to set up and run the 4 Stage Attention Autism programme. The training focuses on the practical aspects of intervention, working in a team and offering an irresistible invitation to learn. The Attention Autism programme targets the teaching of attention, communication and social interaction skills. Training is run applying the principles of the Attention Autism programme throughout each day. There are demonstrations of the techniques in action, films of the work with children, practical hands-on experience for participants and ideas for activities. The intention is to share the practical skills needed for participants to feel confident in setting up and running the intervention immediately.

Event Date 05-10-2020
Registration Start Date 28-01-2020
Cut off date 25-09-2019
Individual Price £210.00

The event provider is no longer accepting registrations for this event, the event is either full or the registration cut-off date has passed. If you have an enquiry please contact the provider using the 'Contact Provider' menu above.

Planning in the Moment


Two Rivers Institute in partnership with Twynham Primary School and Two Rivers Nursery are proud to be able to offer a day of high quality EYFS focused CPD for local teachers and leaders.

Event Date 10-10-2020 9:30 am
Individual Price £300.00
Attachment Planning in the Moment with Anna Ephgrave - October 2020.pdf
PACE+ Approach Taster Session for Headteachers and SLTs November 2020 Online

An Introduction to the PACE+ Approach for Headteachers and Senior Leadership Teams

Led by Ian Hunkin.


The PACE+ approach provides evidence based interventions to work effectively with:

  • Pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs
  • Pupils who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Supporting all pupils to be open and engaged to learning.
Event Date 17-11-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 29-06-2020
Available places 50
Cut off date 13-11-2020
Individual Price £25.00
£25.00 50
Effective Middle Leadership for Support Staff January 2021 Online Course

Effective Middle Leadership for Support Staff  - January 2021 Online Course

 This programme enhances the leadership skills of support staff, helping them to develop fantastic teams that deliver results. 

Participants will be required to complete a leadership project as part of the programme. They will receive additional coaching by established senior leaders to support them to reflect on their practice and achieve the most to benefit their school.

Event Date 07-01-2021 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 18-05-2020
Available places 50
Cut off date 04-01-2021
Individual Price £125.00
£125.00 50
PACE+ Approach Spring 2021 Online

Evidence-based interventions to work effectively with children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs 

Led by Ian Hunkin.


Our series of 6 sessions gives the opportunity to learn practical, evidence-based strategies in order to be able to work successfully with children and young people with SEMH needs.


Event Date 12-01-2021 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 29-06-2020
Available places 50
Cut off date 08-01-2021
Individual Price £125.00
£125.00 50

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